Engineered Simplicity

“Connecting people with technology, seamlessly.”


Since 2008, I've been learning how to use the Web, 3D Graphics, and Computer Vision to help make technology smarter and more intuitive.

I'm Oliver Spryn

A Quantitative Overview

8 Years Experience

I'm a Computer Science graduate from Grove City College who began developing my professional skills in 2008, three years before entering college.

26 Languages and Tools

I have aquired skills for dozens of industry standard programming languages and tools, such as C# with Visual Studio, Python, and C++ with g++.

6 Awards and Recognitions

From the CEO Award of Excellence to the Dean's List with Distinction award, my drive for pressing higher has always garnered the attention of my superiors as I make my best even better.

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My Skills Made Manifest

Through Ever Increasing Avenues

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Picking up my Own Tools

Inspiring Myself, Since 2008

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My Actions Speak for Themselves

My Professional Summary

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